GloveCats  are the best investment you can make for taking care of your gear. You pay a lot for your gear – your gloves, shin guards, sneakers, skates, pads. That’s the stuff that takes care of you. That’s also the stuff that absorbs all your sweat and grows all that smelly bacteria, the stuff you can’t just throw into the washer. That’s where we come in!

GloveCats are designed to fit inside your gloves or sneakers, shinguards or skates. Toss ‘em into your gear bag, or stuff ‘em into your boots. They’re filled with all-natural cedar and lavender, and made to absorb your sweat leaving only the fresh, light smell of lavender.

The outside covers are machine washable, and the insides are replaceable once they stop smelling good. The replaceable insides are made of 100% cotton muslin, so they’re environmentally friendly. Every pair is connected by a heavy nylon strap, so you can’t lose just one.

Proudly made in Chicago, tested by Muay Thai and MMA fighters all over the country, and designed to stand up to your toughest stink.

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